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Using the seller account type gives you a number of additional options and benefits! As a seller you can post into the Classifieds, Automotive, Garage Sales and Community listings (which is most of the site). If you want to post into say the Properties or Personals section, you need to create a separate account as those are specialized and have special treatments.
This is available to South Hill Graphics ONLY. 
It is a buyer account! But you can still post ads in the Classifieds, Automotive, Communit and Garage Sales secions. However, if you are interested more in Selling, make your account a Sellers account.
If you have a home-based business or service, set it up here. You can post to anything in the Classifieds, Automotive, Services sections. If there is something else you need to post to, let us know: 250 992 3525.
 Post your ad with all info & pictures, we will activate your listing once amount owing & payment is confirmed. 250-992-3525 or email
If you are a store or a retailer and have items you wish to sell, this is a great starting place!
Post ONLY community events in this section. Listings posted using this form will go to the Community Page and nowhere else. 
If you are renting or selling a house, selling property or a commercial building this is your section.
If you want to sell items on-line on our site, this is the plan you want.
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